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THE MYTHS ... of Interior Designers

Myth #1 -- It will cost too much.

Reality -- We save clients money by avoiding costly design mistakes.  We have resources that are unavailable outside of the trade.  You, the client, sets the amount of money that will be invested in a project and we work within that range and guidelines.  We do not have any overhead and can pass along those savings to you.  In many cases, we work factory direct (below wholesale) on home furnishing purchases.

Myth#2 -- A designer is only interested in large projects.

Reality -- Absolutely not true.  We can and do work on large projects but the heart of our business is the client purchasing a few items at a time.  An area rug, a piece of artwork, a custom piece of furniture ... whatever your heart desires.

Myth #3 -- A professional designer will impose their taste on me.

Reality -- While that may be true of some designers, that's not the way I work.  My delight and challenge comes from capturing your preferred style and mood and producing it in an aesthetically pleasing visual form.

Myth #4 -- A designer will intimidate me.

Reality -- My goal is to come up with creative solutions to achieve the look and style desired.  Many existing furnishings can be 'upcycled', freshened with paint, moved to a different location, or simply by changing hardware to enhance what you already own.  When some or all of these things are achieved, that is my reward.

MY MISSION -- To make your home even more amazing with your guidance.

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