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Find a little inspiration with these design quotes ...

  • You don't have to consider anyone's taste but your own.  Make the most of that. -- Jan Showers, Designer
  • Any designer who does not appreciate or know about good food is not a very good designer. The planning of a meal and it presentation - the texture, the color, the tastes, the hot and cold temperatures - are the same concerns that affect an environment. -- Robert Kime, Architectural Digest
  • I've trained my eye to see rooms like a camera sees them. It has changed the way I look at space. -- Joetta Moulden
  • Tackle the design of every room, even if you can't put it all into practice at once. You will benefit from having a complete blueprint to refer to when the time comes. -- Kelly Hoppen
  • The glamour of texture is the invitation to touch. If the curve elicits a come-hither call, surface texture sings a siren's song. -- Jamie Drake, New American Glamour
  • A lot of people feel that repeat clients are easy. You already know the client's personality, likes and dislikes, etc. But I realize when you have repeat clients; they start to second guess your designs. It's like working with them for the very first time; you have to win back their trust. -- Vicente Wolf
  • Every home has halls and corridors, and I treat their design like calling cards. You have one chance at making a first impression, and this is the lasting impression. -- Kelly Hoppen
  • Home is a place where we can be silent and still be heard.Where we can ask and find out who we are.Where sorrow is divided and joy multiplied.Where we share and love and grow. -- Author unknown
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